Part B Postsecondary Outcomes

Michigan Department of Education

2017 Parent/Student Surveys

Districts in Cohort 1: Brown City, Marlette, and Peck Community Schools
Wayne State University’s (WSU) research team will deploy the following surveys for 2017:

  1. Parent Survey: Facilitated Parent Involvement, State Performance Plan Indicator 8 (Families with children 3-5 and Families with children 6-26).
  2. Former Student Survey: Post-School Outcomes, State Performance Plan Indicator 14 (for students who left high school at least 1 year ago).

Survey deployment is scheduled to take place this spring/summer for Cohort 1.  Pre-Survey notifications will begin in February and survey administration will be from mid-March through August.

Parents or a student may request a survey.  Please contact WSU directly at the following toll free numbers:
Parent Survey:  888-800-8865
Former Student Survey:  866-423-9312



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