Sanilac Career Center Programs

The Career Center Staff Invites you to learn more about the many possibilities and opportunities we offer you and other Sanilac County students. We are Passionate about providing the best high school Career and Technical Preparation available and we care about your success! The Career Center campus is an exciting and friendly environment where students come because they want to learn and take advantage of what our instructors offer. The Career Center teachers are professional nurturing and most importantly - experts in their subject area.

The Career Center's hands-on approach and its real world applications provide an alternative learning method that works for many of our students. Knowing how they will apply what they learn in the career Center Programs to their everyday lives has changed attitudes of many of our students towards their education. The result? Better grades. More Learning. More opportunities


Arts and Communications

Graphic Communications

Business, Management Marketing & Technology

Computer Technology

Culinary Arts Management

Digital Media

Health Science

Health Occupations

Engineering/ Manufacturing & Industrial Technology

Auto Service


Engineering & Design

Natural Resources & Agri-Science