Thanks You for Your Support!

The students of Sanilac Intermediate School District Special Education programs would like to give a huge thank you to all of the supportors of the Elk Creek Candles and START 5K fundraisers.  Thanks to your support the students who attend programs located at the Sanilac Career Center, now have a set of swings to access for recreational and sensory needs.  Thank you for your generosity and support!

 Logan Stover, Drew Scheid, Owen Count, Miranda Vutci, and Amber Hahn

Pictured: Logan Stover, Drew Scheid, Owen Count, Miranda Vutci, and Amber Hahn.

Josie Vincent

Pictured: Drew Scheid, Logan Stover, Miranda Vutci, and Amber Hahn

June Picnic at Maple Valley

Students in Kathy Stolicker’s Elementary Emotionally Impaired classroom at the Sanilac Intermediate School District enjoyed beautiful weather for their outdoor picnic on Wednesday, June 6, 2018. They made slime, played with water balloons, created murals with sidewalk chalk, had fun digging out plastic animals in containers full of sensory items such as jello and noodles, had a piñata and participated in an egg relay race. The day concluded with hot dogs on the grill and ice cream.

Students playing
Student drawing with chalk
Another Student drawing with chalk

Community Enrichment
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Maple Valley Student of the Week

student of the week Molly Dischinger

Molly Dischinger

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